Kalliopi Geronymaki

Post-doctoral Researcher

Fields of interest: History of Greek Humanitarianism, Cyprus question, Greek Orthodox humanitarianism, Agricultural History. 

Research topics: Greece, and interrelations with Italy and Yugoslavia.

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I received a BA and an MA from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. During my MA on Contemporary Greek History, I conducted research on the history of the Greek agricultural cooperatives with a focus on their political imaginary between 1914 and 1985. I was an MA Erasmus student at the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice in 2014. In 2016, I enrolled the Ph.D. programme of the European University Institute with a thesis on the history of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its transnational impact on French, Italian and Greek regions of fruit and vegetable production.  


In April 2022, I joined the ERC ‘HumanEuroMed’ programme, hosted by the University of Florence. With Greece as my focal point, I currently investigate three thematic axes. First, I search for the origins of the Greek humanitarian regime in the history of the Greek Red Cross and its comparability with the Red Cross National Societies in other Mediterranean countries. A second axis concentrates on how Greece acted as a donor country in Cyprus before and after the 1974 Turkish occupation. Moving to African countries, I focus on the Greek Orthodox Church humanitarianism to introduce questions of decolonization and the Global South.

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