Our Presentations at International Workshops and Conferences

December 7, 2023, Silvia Salvatici, Talk From recipients to donors? Southern European states and international aid Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester

October 30-31, 2023, Kalliopi Geronymaki, paper Geographies of Orthodox missionary humanitarian aid in Africa. The presence of the Churches of Greece and Cyprus (1950-1989), colloquium "Sub-Saharian Africa in research and university teaching in Greece: A census, 2023", École Française d’Athènes.

October 27, 2023, Grazia Sciacchitano, paper Gli aiuti internazionali spagnoli al Cile di Pinochet, The educational seminar, Mangfoldhuset Trøndelag.

October 25-27, 2023, Dora Tot, paper Yugoslavia's 'Battle for Algiers': Intra-Socialist Competition in Colonial and Post-Colonial Algeria (1958-1965), International Conference: "A World without Empire? Encounters and connections between African, European, and Soviet Communists, 1920s to 1970s",  Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.

October 17-18, 2023, Silvia Salvatici, paper to the workshop The Past, Present, and Future of International Institutions?, organised by the UNDP Human Development Report Office, The Nuffield “Long Humanitarian Century” programme, and the Oxford Martin Programme on “Changing Global Orders", Oxford.

October 11, 2023, Silvia Salvatici, talk Aiuti internazionali e passato coloniale, Festival Dialoghi di Pandora Rivista Quale sviluppo? Scegliere l'orizzonte, October 11, 5 pm, Sala Stabat Mater Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio in cooperation with Fondazione Gramsci Emilia-Romagna.

September 14-15, 2023, Silvia Salvatici, paper Global Solidarity. The Ethics, Policies and Practices of INGOs, International workshop INGOs and the Long Humanitarian Century: Legacy, Legitimacy and Leading into the Future organised by Andrew Thompson, Mike Aaronson, Lia Brazil, Nuffield College, Oxford.

September 12-13, 2023, Dora Tot,  paper Between Propaganda and Solidarity: Yugoslav Humanitarian Assistance to the Algerian National Liberation Front (1958 – 1962), International conference: Solidarity and Voluntarism in State-Socialist Societies , University of Graz.

June 1, 2023, Alba Martín Luque, round-table Eastern Europe, Soviet Union and Africa Decolonization: New Perspectives, European Conference of African Studies (ECAS), Cologne.

May 17, 2023, Alba Martín Luque, presentation: book chapter We Have Made History: Yugoslav Visual Solidarity with FRELIMO's Struggle (1967-1975), Universidade de Évora.

April 13, 2023, Grazia Sciacchitano, paper Rethinking humanitarianism in Mediterranean Europe: the example of Spanish international aid (1945-1990), Institute Seminar, NTNU Department of Modern History and Society, Trondheim.

January 27, 2023, Alba Martín Luque,  paper The Missing Picture: Visual Humanitarianism, Catholic Missionaries and FRELIMO’s Victory in Mozambique (1967 – 1974), International Conference: Anticolonial Struggle, Transnational Solidarity and Agency of Individual Actors: Dialogues with the Portuguese Colonies, 1945-1975. Nova University of Lisbon.

January 27, 2023, Angela Santese,  paper From Health Solidarity to Militant Humanitarism: The Italian Solidarity Network for the Independence and Sovereignty of the Peoples of Southern Africa Against Colonialism, Racism and Apartheid, International Conference: Anticolonial Struggle, Transnational Solidarity and Agency of Individual Actors: Dialogues with the Portuguese Colonies, 1945-1975. Nova University of Lisbon.

November 17-18, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, paper Volunteers of Humanitarianism. Italian Lay Missionary Movement in the long 1960s, international conference Humanitarian Experiences. Ethical Conflicts in Historical Perspective, Manchester University, Fondation Brocher, Hermance, Université de Gèneve.

October 22, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, lecture Ripensare la storia dell'umanitarismo internazionale: uno sguardo dal Sud d'Europa, Università degli Studi di Padova.

June 30, 2022, Annalisa Urbano, paper Italy’s scholarship programmes for Somali students, 1956-1969, Third Millenium Africas in the Global World: Challenges, Reconfigurations and Opportunities, VI ASAI Biennial Conference, Urbino.

June 23, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, lecture Reframing the history of international humanitarianism: a view from Southern Europe, European University Institute, SOCIOBORD lecture series, Florence.

June 16, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, Keynote speech Umanitarismo, decolonizzazione e mondo postcoloniale, international conference L’Italia e il mondo post-coloniale. Politiche di cooperazione e mobilità tra decolonizzazioni e Guerra Fredda, University of Cagliari.

July 13-16, 2022, Ana Guardião, paper Refugees, Migrants, or Citizens? The “categorization” of autochthonous populations on the move during and after the Angolan decolonization process (1950s – 1980s), Historicizing the refugee Experience Seminar, German Historical Institute, Washington DC.

June 10, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, paper Gender: a useful category for humanitarian history, international workshop Transnational Humanitarianism and Refugee Policy in the Age of the World Wars, German Historical Institute, Rome.

May 5, 2022, Ana Guardião, Lecture - master students Novas Histórias dos Direitos Humanos e do Humanitarismo, at Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa, Lisbon.

March 25, 2022, Alba Martín Luque, presentation Humanitarianism, decolonization and visual history: preliminary approaches, at joint Workshop HINT - HumanEuroMed, University of Coimbra.

March 25, 2022, Ana Guardião, presentation Humanitarianism and Mediterranean Europe: a comparative and transnational history (1945-1990)/ Colonial and Post-Colonial humanitarian repertoires of governance: the Portuguese case in a comparative perspective (1960s-1980s), at joint Workshop HINT - HumanEuroMed, University of Coimbra.

March 16, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, talk Relief, Decolonization and Development: Italian Aid and Ethiopia (1956-1992), Institute of Historical Research, Modern Italian History Seminar Series, London.

February 22, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, paper Food aid and nutritional sciences in post-war Italy’, international workshop New approaches to Medical Care, Humanitarianism and Violence during the ‘long’ Second World War, 1931-1953, University of Manchester.

February 20, 2022, Silvia Salvatici, workshop Humanitarianism and Mediterranean Europe: a Comparative and Transnational History (1945-1990), series Contrappunti, German Historical Institute, Rome.

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